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I am a writer, author and poet born in the Caribbean during World War II. In my opinion, my experiences from being a mistress for over four decades, challenges the commonly held view that being a mistress is settling for second best.

Through my blog I will share with you my insights gained from walking the path of ‘the other woman’ and a life of freedom, independence and self-actualization without insecure feeling of guilt, sin or shame.

Living between New York, London and Jamaica, I have studied various modalities in counseling (Gestalt, Jung, Freud) and the clinical healing arts of hypnosis to the mystical arts of Esotericism. It is a combination of these teachings, the University of Life and my own spirituality that have led me to be open to a higher love, without ownership.

When I’m not blogging, I’m currently in the midst of my fifth title, Recipe of Life, which uses esoteric principles to help readers to question what they truly know of themselves and allow them to access a more complete happiness in life.


My published titles include (available on Amazon):

Secrets of a Good Mistress: One Woman is Not Enough… For All

Mistress Secrets: A Memoir

The Joys of a Mistress: How to Live a Life of Freedom and Individuality

Thoughts of the Day: A Collection of Verses